Fill in the booking form

Please tell us when and where you want to have shooting

Confirmation email

If the booking is all goes well, you will receive the confirmation and detail of shooting by email.

Pay by Yen before shooting

According to the email, photographer will meet up with you.

Before shooting. Please pay the service charge by Yen before shooting.

Shooting start

Photographer will teach you how to posing.

Please relax and enjoy the shooting.

After shooting 1 hr, get the preview JPG

After shooting 1 hr, you can chose and get the preview.
Size in 1600 x 1000 px in JPG.

Received the full resolution JPG by email

Received basic exposure and tone retouch photo by email.
Size is around  4500 x 7000px

Shooting and Retouch

- After the shooting, clients can chose and get the preview photo

If client buy extra copy, will be get the extra copy too.

- Retouch time is depend on the amount of the photos.

Longer shooting time means more photos need to be retouched.

Usually, photos will be sent within 1-5weeks.
- Basically, high resolution photo size will have 4500 x 7000 px. It will be enought to print

A2 size 420mm x 594mm.
But the size may be smaller than this size due to cropping.  

- 96niji will provide a pleasing colour balance but cannot guarantee exact colour matching every device or materials.

- From day that send high resolution JPG to clients,  96niji will keep the copy 15days only.
If client's request send copy after 15days, Clients need to pay 3000 YEN in Paypal first.

- 96niji only provide JPG files.

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